a friend of Clara Chia has revealed what is the true emotional state of the model of 23 yearsafter the attacks by Shakiraex-partner of her current boyfriend Gerard Piqué.

The new theme of Shakira with the Argentine producer bizarre Without a doubt, it has given a lot to talk about, and opinions are divided between those who defend Shakira and those who criticize her.

The song initially referred exclusively to the ex-partner of the Barranquillera, because it was important for her to reveal the feelings she had towards him, as a way to calm her heart. But in the middle of the process, the one that she also suffered was the young model.

The Colombian compared the current girlfriend of the ex-soccer player with a watch Casio and a car Twingo, being undoubtedly a blow to his dignity. In addition to this, the couple Pique You have to deal with the attacks you suffer while in public places, so you will most likely find yourself suffering from bad timing.

In order to have an official statement, a friend of the model really revealed how she is, and apparently she is calm: “Clara is calm, she is fine, she goes on with her daily life, does her things, works, leads a normal life, as always“, explained the source.

He also added that clear She is not interested in being in the middle of the media controversy, and prefers to keep their relationship in peace, while Shakira wears out her health by attacking the relationship.