A Gerard Piqué He couldn’t think of a better way to get revenge on Shakira and his song with Bizarrap that posting the first official image on his Instagram account with his girlfriend, Clara Chia Marti.

Just a few weeks after this shootout, the song has more than 200 million views on digital platforms, breaking all records of his successful musical career.

After the controversial photo, a debate began on social networks about what caused Gerard to publish such a photo without a description, leading to the theory that Clara would have obliged Gerard to do it.

The latest rumors suggest that Clara has not had a good time since the Colombian song came out, because she must have «hide» at his parents’ house due to constant harassment from the press and fans of Shakira.

After the rumors of infidelity and the media pressure that the aforementioned song gave them, the 23-year-old asked the ex-soccer player that she should officially publish their romance once and for all, because she was tired of being told that she was the «other«.

It is worth mentioning that in Gerard’s profile you can still find photos and videos of him with Shakirawho so far has not commented on the uploaded photo of his ex-partner with his new girlfriend.

Something also worth noting is that in the photo uploaded by the new couple, you can find a large number of comments referring to the Barranquillera song.