Clara Chia He has suffered a serious accident in the middle of the street in daylight, and was the victim of ridicule from millions of Shakira fans.

The young model 23 years, who has not had a break amid the controversies generated by his relationship with Gerard Piquéis again attacked by the followers of Gerard’s ex-partner, after they lived an uncomfortable moment in front of the cameras.

The couple who were walking through the streets of Barcelona they were intercepted by a journalist, who upon meeting them began to ask them some questions where they made known their point of view, for the first time, about the criticism generated towards them.

While talking with the journalist, Gerard Piqué accelerated the pace at the same time Clara Chia, since she was holding his hand. But at one point and without realizing it, the model collides with an advertising poster, for which the Spaniard does not stop, and offensively mocks the blow of his girlfriend.

After the video where the act took place was published, millions of followers of the singer Shakiraand those who are against the model, criticized her on social networks and pointed out that all this is “the karma” that she will have to suffer for her bad performance.

Among the comments some stood out as «Pique almost dragged her«, «Clearly that must have hurt«, «Pique is boyfriend or foe«, «How ungentlemanly, Shakira finally understood it«, and endless criticism and memes created by the event.