Clara Chiathe current girlfriend of Gerard Piqué, For the first time, she can be seen on camera, the model was very smiling, which has captivated her followers, and of course, her boyfriend is very happy Gerard Piqué.

The couple who started their relationship in the middle of the year 2022after announcing the separation of Shakira with Pique Due to his infidelity, he has gone through ups and downs, because their relationship has not been easy, they have had to deal with a variety of controversies.

However, the relationship so far is going well, and apparently the ex-player of the Barcelona He feels too happy with the model, so much so that he has had luxurious details with her and has paid for some trips, where he has had to spend several million euros.

But now, Pique he has been more than happy with the young woman from 23 years for her recent on-camera appearances, as she was believed to be press-shy, and also a bit “at times.”rude«.

The video where chia appears, it would be on the outskirts of a place where he was Pique at an event of kings league.

Followers of the couple and fans of Clara Chia They seem very happy and say that their laughter and voice give them a bit of peace. Her followers are happy with the model’s appearance and admit that they thought she would be a much less cute woman.