Clara Chiacurrent girlfriend of the ex-soccer player Gerard Piqué has decided to separate from his side due to the attacks he has been suffering, after Shakira release a song on behalf of her and her boyfriend.

Apparently the mental health of the model 23 years He is seriously declining, and for this reason he has preferred to get away from his current partner.

Shakira launched her new song with the Argentine producer bizarreand the lyrics of the song have indisputably been the beginning of the biggest controversies that the model has had to face, after she decided to start a relationship with Gerard Piqué.

And although what many expected was that Shakira would have a high fluctuation of money, what is true is that they also expected it from Clara Chia, who, being quite a celebrity with the subject, but contrary to taking advantage of the situation, has preferred to take refuge again in his parents’ house to avoid controversy.

clear has made the decision to leave the house where the former defense of Barcelona and she lived together, because the press and the cameras do not stop pointing at the door of the mansion in order to have new news.

«Since the scandal broke out due to the musical reckoning, Chía has spent a few days at her family home, with her parents. The young woman wanted to get away for a few days from the apartment that she shares with her partner, where they consolidated her love and they have lived together for a long time«.

The separation of the couple is expected to last a few days and not be permanent, since chia he longs to be with his partner.