Clara Chia she could have difficulties in her relationship with her current boyfriend Gerard Piquéand apparently because of his own family.

The relationship that began in the middle of the 2022 after the separation was announced with Shakira and Gerard Piqué, has not gone through good times although they sometimes show otherwise.

Although the relationship of the former defender’s parents accept the model, and love her even more than the Barranquillera, the same does not happen in the relationship of Clara Chía’s parents towards the Catalan.

Apparently the family of the young woman 23 years She does not love her current boyfriend because of the Catalan’s behaviors and behaviors that generate little confidence in her, which is why they have not been able to establish a good family connection with him.

The ex-soccer player has a very flashy personality, and apparently is too outgoing for the tastes of his in-laws. In addition to this, on any occasion he wants to be the center of attention and interact with the media, acts of which the family does not agree, since they tend to be much more reserved before the media.

The approval of the relationship in the model’s family could be more difficult, because they are lovers of keeping a low profile, so they hate that Gerard Piqué exposes Clara.