Some coworkers of the young woman Clara Chia Marti, new girlfriend of Gerard Piqué and one of the assaulted in the new topic of Shakira, They have confessed about how the 23-year-old girl feels at the moment, who without a doubt has been cruelly attacked by the fans of the Colombian star and massively persecuted by paparazzi and other journalistic media.

Shakira’s collaboration with Bizarrap, ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 53’ It has generated enormous controversy on all social networks, which has allowed it to enjoy great success on the main playback platforms worldwide.

The truth of the subject is that the letter of the collaboration is what has given us something to talk about, since the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ She openly attacks her ex-partner and the young woman she was exchanged for, which in this case is Clara Chia.

Given rumors of how the Catalan has reacted to these new criticisms of the ex de Pique, some of your coworkers Kosmos they have revealed all the details and have confessed something that impressed one’s people.

Clara Chía’s colleagues revealed in a direct twitch of Gerard Romero, journalist, streamer and one of the managers of the King’s League, that she really is a pretty good young woman and that at the moment she is focused on the work that the former player of the Barcelona Fc.

«She is a very good girl. I arrive early on Sundays King’s League, but it is that when I arrive, Clara has already been there for two hours. She is working like the most. She is in the staff booth, with everyone preparing things, on top of everything, asking if everything is okay. »

“She’s very hard-working. she had a really hard time when the paparazzi started following her. Clara has never gotten into this celebrity business. what she has done Shakira with Clara it was not necessary. Poor thing, an exceeded mica is pot trobar. I think he is a very good person and he should not receive that direct blow, “completed Gerard, who knows Clara personally and is quite empathetic with her and what she has had to go through in recent days.

In this way, several of the young woman’s colleagues confirm that she has not paid attention to the song, which is why she possibly decided not to give the matter more importance.