The paparazzi most popular Spaniards have managed to discover that the young Clara Chia Marti Actually, Inter was in a hospital after allegedly discovering that Gerard Piqué he is being unfaithful with another, and not as previously said, where there was talk of an alleged anxiety crisis caused by harassment and ridicule from the public for the support they give to Shakira.

The Spanish journalist jordi marti has alerted the public on social networks that he will be revealing the evidence that confirms that Piqué went to Clara Chia Marti, and that this was the reason why the Catalan woman ended up in the hospital.

According to what was revealed by the also social communicator, the relatives and friends of the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc they would have asked him not to divulge that confidential information. However, he refused.

«I have a topic that they are asking me to silence, but with the damage it did to my mother, I am going to tell it. It is a subject that Pique He knows that I have it, that he is worried and that there has been a serious crisis between them,” said the journalist.

“Imagine the anxiety crisis that she must have had, that yesterday she was fine and today she is hospitalized. She is suffering for an issue. The last person in the world they want me to find out is me.”

Previously, the Spanish He had given some details about what was coming in terms of the secret that the athlete is trying to hide, and that according to Jordi, is instant karma for Clara Chia.

«They know that I have information that they are trying to silence her and Pique. I’ll release it shortly. That she would have thought before getting into a family. Karma, Clarita,” he added. jordi Marti.

And you, what do you think of the journalist’s controversial statements?