the young Clara Chia Marti continues to do his thing by filling the patience of the Colombian singer-songwriter even more Shakira, since apart from having taken her ex-partner, the young woman has also taken one of the trusted men that the singer had in her house in Barcelona, ​​Spain.

The headache that Shakira feels with Clara Chia Martí will not stop for a while. And it is that it was not enough for the 23-year-old to take away her ex-partner, but she has also taken her distinguished personal chef with her, who has also betrayed the interpreter of ‘She-wolf’.

As reported by several Spanish media, the former personal chef of the singer would have made an excuse that he was going to resign to open a restaurant. Nevertheless, Milan, The eldest son of Shakira and Piqué, notified his mother that the cook is now installed in the house where his father lives with Clara Chia.

It is important to highlight that the house where the ex spanish footballer He lives with his new partner, it is the same house where he previously lived with the interpreter of ‘The bike’.

This way, Clara Chia He continues to do his thing, since this personal chef was very loved by the interpreter, since she was completely used to the way in which he prepared her meals for both her and her children.

Shakira is currently in the eye of the hurricane, after the premiere of her session with the Argentine producer bizarrewhere she threw hard darts against the father of her two children and her young and new partner, making material comparisons where she exemplifies that she is far superior to Clara Chia.

And you, what do you think of the betrayal that Shakira Have you suffered from your personal chef?