Yesterday another strong controversy was disclosed that plagues Gerard Piqué and that significantly affects Clara Chia Marti, who would have left the apartment he shared with the former soccer player, after learning that he would have been unfaithful with a young and very pretty lawyer. In the meantime, Shakira enjoy the karma that your eyes are witnessing right now.

Although at first it was said that Clara Chia had left the apartment where she lives with Piqué because of the premiere of the ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 53’ Shakira and the Argentine producer Bizarre, the spanish journalist jordi marti has revealed what would be the real reason for the eviction of the 23-year-old.

To the impression of many, Gerard Piqué has also been unfaithful to Clara Chia Marti, and he has done it with a young lawyer named Julia Puig, that since yesterday it has gained enormous popularity in networks after these revelations by the journalist.

We do not know how the girlfriend of the ex-footballer of the Barcelona Fc, after realizing that her beloved boyfriend was also unfaithful to her, just as he was with Shakira and will continue to be with all the others.

jordi marti He even dared to tag Piqué in the publication where he reveals Julia Puig’s profile, asking him who she is, and reminding him that he should not complain if Shakira it continues to expose it to the public eye.

As expected, the fans of the Colombian are celebrating this news, since they liken it as a direct karma for Clara Chia, Who was the woman for whom Piqué dared to leave his 10-year relationship with the interpreter of ‘She-wolf’.

And you, what do you think of Gerard Piqué’s new adventure?