Clara Chia Marti, the young girlfriend of the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué and replacement of the Colombian singer Shakira, has reacted to the attacks that the Colombian artist has made against her and her ex-partner in the collaboration she had with the Argentine producer Bizaraps in ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 54’, which has generated a wave of controversy in all social networks.

Since yesterday Shakira premiered her collaboration With Bizaraps, there is nothing that is talked about the most on the internet than the hints that exist within the controversial and mediatic song.

Phrases that become harsh and cruel darts directed towards Piqué and his new romance, where the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’ does not stay with anything inside and criticizes the way in which the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc he cheated on her in her own home.

«You changed a Rolex for Casio», «I am worth two of 22», «You got off a Ferrari to get on a Twingo», These are just some of the hard darts that Shakira throws at her ex-partner and his new girlfriend.

But now, Clara Chia Martí has ​​reacted to these criticisms of the interpreter and has done so in a very peculiar and at the same time strange way.

The 23-year-old was seen yesterday at a party, hours after the Colombian published her session with Bizaraps. In the photos and videos taken, Clara Chia can be seen dancing happily in the celebration, something that has generated all kinds of comments among Internet users.

In addition, the young woman also published another story on Instagram, where she simply placed an emoji with a yawning face, making a clear reference to the fact that she does not care in the slightest what the person says. latin star.

The Catalan’s reaction has quickly gone viral in the social media, who are very aware of each of the steps that she and Pique do after being severely criticized by Shakira in his new song.