the young Clara Chia Marti, who is now widely known in social networks for being the new girlfriend of the Spanish soccer player Gerard Piqué, has generated all kinds of comments on social networks, since it was seen in Prague, Czech Republic, with a radical change in his face. What did she do?

Clara Chia Marti is receiving harsh ridicule on social networks, and it is that the 23-year-old has been seen in Prague with a quite different face, to which fans assure that he has undergone some cosmetic surgeries.

Clara Chía reappeared days after rumors of separation with Pique, but now internet users did not hesitate to comment on how he looks after his radical physical change.

Some Internet users are alleging that all the money of the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc He left in the supposed surgeries that the Spanish woman underwent and that is why it was not enough to buy better tickets for Prague, where they could go together on the plane.

Until now, it has not yet been possible to find out what happened to Clara Chia’s face, if it was a photograph taken with a filter, or if it was actually some kind of plastic surgery.

What is true is that the photo was compared to past captures where Clara Chia Marti appears without any makeup, so it could also be an aesthetic trick.

Anyway, what is known is that social networks have found a new way to make fun of the current girlfriend of Pique, who has also had to face all the comparisons that have been made with Shakira, former partner of the athlete.