The 23 year old Clara Chia Marti, ex-spanish footballer’s girlfriend Gerard Piqué and the direct replacement of Shakira, I don’t know how well he would find it at all after discovering that his precious partner has also been unfaithful to him as he was with the Colombian interpreter. A fairly direct karma but that opens up other unknowns about the state of the Catalan.

Clara Chia Martí has ​​not been seen with her boyfriend for more than two days, and the possible reasons for this separation were revealed yesterday: the young woman has also been the victim of infidelity by the sportsman.

They no longer live in the same apartment, the media are reminding her that she was a participant in the infidelity she suffered Shakira, everything at this moment turns dark for Clara Chia, who would be devastated to discover that karma had already acted very quickly on her.

All this accompanied by the ridicule she has received since the Colombian interpreter released the song ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 53’ In collaboration with Bizarre, song specially made to attack her and remind her that next to the artist, she is “worth a Casio«.

And it is that beyond the phrases and objects with which she was compared, it is the dignity of the young woman that is truly affected in the public eye, which has not left her alone since it was learned that she was the woman for whom the former soccer player Barcelona Fc changed to the interpreter of ‘The bike’.

And you, do you think Clara Chia will forgive Piqué for this big mistake?