Through an alleged leaked audio at the company’s end-of-year party Kosmosthe company of Gerard Piqué, could hear the voice of Clara Chia Marti and how he imitated Shakira at the event, generating all kinds of comments on social networks.

In the midst of rumors that come and go about the discussions that Shakira and Gerard Piqué have had regarding their separation and custody of their two children, another new controversy has arisen on social networks that dirty Clara Chia Martí, the new girlfriend of the former soccer player Barcelona Fc.

And it is that at the annual end-of-year meeting of Kosmos, A series of audios were leaked on the web where you can hear a shrill laugh from Clara Chía, who many say has a very shrill voice and some even claimed that her voice was a bad imitation of Shakira’s voice and something that indicates firmly that the young woman “does not get over her boyfriend’s ex.”

The truth of this is that the audios have already gone viral on social networks, and there are many Internet users who affirm that the 23-year-old wants to have certain similarities with the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’.

And you, do you think Clara Chia Marti was imitating Shakira?