the young Clara Chia Marti has decided to separate from his beloved partner, and it is that since Shakira threw the ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 53’ together with the Argentine producer Bizarre, the girlfriend of Gerard Piqué she has been overwhelmed by the great possibilities that her now boyfriend is also being unfaithful with another young girl.

It is no secret to anyone that since the singer Colombian Shakira premiered her musical session with Bizarrap, Clara Chía’s patience could have been completely broken.

And it is that she has not only had to deal with the public ridicule of the letters where they attack her, but also because she has discovered that her beloved boyfriend, the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc, I would be cheating on him with a young lawyer.

Just a few days ago, it was revealed that Piqué would have cheated on the 23-year-old with a lawyer whose name is Julia Puig. This whole situation would have completely broken Clara, while for the fans of the interpreter of ‘Waka waka’, it is a victory to celebrate.

The truth of this is that Clara Chia Martí has ​​decided to move away from sportsman and now she has taken refuge in the arms of her parents, who are also very upset with the Catalan language and the situation their daughter is currently going through.

But what also makes the young woman very angry is that Shakira would have found out long before that Pique He was also being unfaithful to her, since there is a part of the topic where he would have predicted this situation.

“My supposed replacement.”

This phrase would be a clear reference to the fact that Clara Chia, the woman for whom they changed Shakira, she would also be being replaced by another woman.

In the meantime, Gerard Piqué It has not been seen by the cameras again in recent days. However, he knows very well that the situation he is currently facing is undoubtedly a complete embarrassment to his already tarnished reputation.