Clara Chia Marti and her boyfriend, the famous former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, they lived an unpleasant moment while enjoying dinner at a Japanese restaurant. The couple had to ask for help at the compound and leave earlier than planned.

Piqué and Clara Chia had to abruptly leave a restaurant in a gesture that nobody expected. The reasons for the incident were a health problem that the 23-year-old had in the place, which alarmed the staff and the former player of the Barcelona Fc.

As it had already been reported by various specialized media and paparazzi who were in the place, it was all due to an unexpected and unfortunate health problem of Clara Chía Martí, which had forced both of them to leave early and without finishing the romantic dinner they were enjoying.

It was a strong stomach problem that forced Clara Chia to stop eating dinner, so both she and Pique they made the decision to ask the staff for help and then proceeded to leave the Japanese restaurant they were in early.

Despite that bad time they lived, Clara Chia Marti He is already totally fine, and even yesterday he was seen with Pique at the airport Barcelona, since they were going to take a flight to Prague, Czech Republic, where they will have a small vacation as a couple.