Clara Chia Marti, the 23-year-old Catalan girl who has become popular for being the girlfriend of Gerard Piqué, He has achieved something that the former partner of the former Spanish footballer had not achieved: creating a pleasant and happy environment with his friends. And this is how several Spanish media are commenting on it.

Pique Y Clara Chia were captured yesterday at a celebration in the company of other Kosmos workers, the company of the former footballer of the Barcelona Fc.

The images that were released revealed the dynamics of the couple, in addition to the attitude that both had with the other attendees of the event. And to the surprise of the media, Clara Chia is achieving things that at one time it was thought that she was not going to be able to achieve.

“Last night, Gerard Piqué and Clara Chía were having a double celebration. Piqué was having Christmas dinner with all his Kosmos workers and with Clara he was celebrating the year of engagement that was fulfilled yesterday. They had a great time,” said the paparazi Jordi Marti, while displaying the photographs that he registered on the site.

According to what the journalist revealed in information for the program Univision The Fat and the Skinny, the athlete had the long-awaited Christmas dinner with all his friends and colleagues from the company.

The Spaniard was seen upon arriving at the site with his girlfriend, with whom he hugged and entered in a very affectionate way with each and every one of the attendees.

“The two entered the place where all their friends and co-workers were waiting for the New Year’s Eve party with their arms around each other,” he added.

However, what is striking about this is that it is directly related to Shakira, since the Colombian star never managed to have this type of communication and closeness with Piqué’s friends.

The same environment of the soccer player was the one that, supposedly, called Shakira ‘the boss’ for refusing to participate in this way in this type of games and celebrations.

However, with Clara Chia Marti the opposite occurs, since she did have fun with some friends from Pique and she was quite empathic with all the attendees at the meeting, something that will undoubtedly delight the retired footballer even more.

Recently, rumors had circulated that Clara Chia and Piqué had separated. However, the couple knew how to deny these rumors, responding to the press with a romantic trip that they both took to Prague, Czech Republic.