Clara Chiacurrent girlfriend of one of the most important ex-soccer players in the world, Gerard Piqué, hides a dark past that could put her relationship with him at risk.

The model, who has not yet been able to escape being the main news in the international media, would once again be facing criticism for her past, which, although she kept it secret, it has been impossible to control the information that has come to light.

The relationship that was fostered as a result of infidelity towards the Colombian Shakiraand that it takes about a year to be made public, despite being in a “good moment” it could not become more than a simple love affair for mistakes that the two have made.

The paparazzi investigations would be bearing fruit, and they can affirm that just as Gerard Piqué committed an infidelity, the young woman from 23 years Clara Chía would not be the most holy in the relationship.

Journalist jordi martin He has assured that Gerard’s new girlfriend is not as honest as she appears and that in the past she has also been unfaithful, a situation that does not completely please the businessman.

Clara Chía Martí when the affair with the Spaniard began, was the girlfriend of the brother of one of Piqué’s great friends, but she preferred to end it when she understood that her relationship with Shakira’s ex-partner was much better and with more economic stability.

However, the Catalan would not agree with his girlfriend’s actions, and fears that the situation could happen again in the future.