The model Clara Chia forcefully threatened Gerard Piquéwith a matter that would have a lot to do with the player’s ex-partner, Shakira.

A few months after completing a year, the relationship between the former defense of Barcelona and the young Clara Chía, there have been many news that have come to light about how the relationship began, and how the couple betrayed the Colombian, who had known Piqué’s new girlfriend for a long time before.

Now, in new news, it has been known how Clara Chía confronted Gerard and threatened him so that he could not see or be with the Barranquillera anymore.

It seems that the young 23 years He gave the footballer an ultimatum, since he wanted to maintain both relationships at the same time. And of course she didn’t want to be one more of his conquests, but rather she would fight to be his official girlfriend.

«When they start dating, she was clear from the beginning and much more than Shakira“said the journalist Roberto Antolin to the program Miter Livewho clarified in the same way, that Gerard could not continue with the two relationships because Clara Chía threatened to expose him before the social networks, if he did not confirm a separation with Shakira.

«I’m not going to be annoying, you’re not going to hide me, if you want to be with me, okay, go out to the media and say that you’re no longer with Shakira, and if you don’t, I will«. They would be the words with which the young woman threatened her boyfriend.

Now, after more than half a year of their relationship, the player has posted his first official photograph with Clara Chía, in order to further affirm his deep love, originated as a product of infidelity.