Based on what is currently known, we can state that Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué They are in one of their best moments so far, after the incredible controversy they have generated together with Shakira. Now one of the plans of the 23-year-old is known for «check in»and thus use the words of the Colombian in her favor.

Everything seems to indicate that Clara Chia has decided not to sit idly by after Shakira will throw some hints at him in his latest worldwide success with bizarresince according to the international media, Clara is willing to counter the attacks received.

Recently, there was talk that Pique and chia They would already be living together again, this after the media gave information that Clara would have been hospitalized due to all the controversies that surround her and the journalists who want to follow her everywhere.

Now it is reported that clear will attack silently, the opposite of what he decided to do Shakirasince the young woman wants to show that the relationship between her and Gerard is at its best.

Which Clara Chia wants to show is that no one can change their love with Pique, So now he decidedcheck in«, just as Barranquillera said in her song. It was revealed that Clara has transferred her image rights to a large and important company hair salon in Barcelona, ​​so it wouldn’t be surprising if we soon see Clara in new photos and billing.