the young Clara Chia Marti, new partner of the former Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué and the woman for whom they changed the Colombian singer Shakira, He already has a group of fans who have dared to chant a song in front of the Latin star’s house in Barcelona, ​​Spain. What are the lyrics of this song about?

Although for many it is not very credible, Clara Chia Martí already has a group of fans who have been supporting her in recent weeks, which have been even more intense as a result of Shakira’s collaboration with Bizarrap, ‘Bzrp Music Sessions vol 53’, topic where he attacks the 23-year-old girl and the former player of the Barcelona Fc.

But now, the fans of the Catalan have written a song for the interpreter of ‘Monotony’, where they make it quite clear to her that lowering herself against another woman with less experience than her, is not very “wolfish” as it is said.

The lyrics of the song have generated all kinds of comments on social networks, where many defend the Colombian and others Clara Chia, stating that in the end who should be attacked is Pique.

The lyrics of the song say the following:

I can’t like this, I don’t want another song

I in the process of adapting

And when I got over it, you went out on the balcony,

sorry, Shaki, pay attention, it’s been a while since I bought the casio.

If a wolf like you is not for rookies

A kid like me can’t handle your attitude anymore.

And you, what do you think of this song in support of Clara Chia Marti?