The model Clara Chia current girlfriend of one of the world soccer stars Gerard Piquéhas separated from him due to the new attacks by his ex-partner Shakira, at the launch of his new song.

Shakira She has not yet finished with her attacks against Gerard and Clara for the betrayal they committed, and more than ever she is determined that they live the same situation that she had to face, for this and in collaboration with Carol G.launched his new song full of hints towards both of them.

In the previous songs the criticisms were more related to the father of his children; however, in the latter Clara Chía is the person most indirectly named in the song. Fact that evidently caused him a lot of shock and anger.

In addition to the phrases of the song where Shakira clarifies that despite being in a relationship with the model, he was still looking for her and needed her love: «Now you want to go back, it shows, wait for me there because I’m an idiot” and “You seem happy with your new life, but if she knew that you’re still looking for me«.

For this reason, Clara would have given Gerard a strong warning so that he can give him the place he deserves, in addition to separating from him while they meditate on the situation where the dignity of the woman of 23 years.

Although the couple allows the media and followers to see them very much in love and happy, it is clear that in one way or another, the interpreter of “Congratulations» has caused them one or another discussion.