Rumors recently emerged that Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué were in trouble with the relationship, it was also said that Clara would have been admitted to a medical center due to health problems caused by the song of Shakira and the strong harassment from the media and from the followers of the Colombian singer, Piqué’s ex-partner.

A couple of days ago, a journalist captured the couple on the streets of Barcelona, ​​where I took the opportunity to ask them some questions about the rumors that were going around on social networks, to which Clara Chia and gerard They completely denied that they were in any trouble as a couple, much less that Clara has anxiety attacks.

On Monday, February 6, the reporter and “friend” of Gerard Piqué The couple was found in the streets, it could be seen that the couple was holding hands and showing how happy they were and with laughter they denied all the rumors, of which they apparently were not aware.

Among the things that they denied is also the birthday of the 23-year-old, since it was said that her birthday was on February 7thbut thanks to what Gerard said, we know that it is a 7, but not the exact month.

The couple decided to answer some questions and Gerard showed his concern for the journalist, telling him to be careful, as he was walking backwards while recording the couple.

JordiMari said:

This time the couple did not try to run away or avoid me, I saw them comfortable, holding hands and even Gerard was very affectionate with Clara. Throwing down any rumor of problems or separation between them, Gerard Piqué hugged Clarita with signs of affection, happiness and lots of laughter between them.

In the end, Clara Chía decided to hide from the camera and Gerard remained in front of the camera, thus closing the little interview with the journalist on the street.