The model Clara Chia is debuting a new nickname that the friends of Gerard Piqué, and his office colleagues have put him. This is how they are referring to the ex-footballer’s girlfriend.

Clara Chiamodel of 23 yearsbegan his relationship with former soccer player Gerard Piqué, while he was still in a relationship with the Colombian singer Shakira. Due to this, the model has been facing great criticism, even shortly after her relationship between the current couple became known, the friends in the office where she works would also have assigned her a demeaning nickname.

However, now the nickname would be the opposite, they refer to her in a more respectful way, since she is Gerard’s girlfriend, and according to some Spanish media she could become the player’s future wife.

It has been known through social networks that the new girlfriend of the owner of the King’s League, it is called as “The new patron«, thus referring to her, as she is the girlfriend of an important Spanish businessman.

Although it is a nickname among Piqué’s company colleagues, it has also been known that this is a way of belittling ShakiraSince, as is public knowledge, the Colombian could never have a good relationship with those close to the father of her children.

The couple after several months of relationship have not been able to avoid the controversies and accusations against them, coming from millions of fans, however they have been able to maintain their stable relationship in the midst of criticism.