Clara Chia and Gerard Piqué They have referred a few hours ago to the strong anxiety attacks, which according to some media, the model, the player’s girlfriend, has been suffering.

The couple, who had been facing different types of controversies for the beginning of their relationship for several months, have finally shown themselves before the cameras with a much less self-conscious attitude than on previous occasions, since they normally tried to flee from the press that harassed them to do questions.

gerard and clear were captured by a journalist while walking the streets of Barcelona. Not knowing if he would have answers, the journalist began his questions in order to have the first words from them, an act that he achieved almost immediately.

The reporter began asking how they were both, and immediately questioned how they had been Clara Chia with the anxiety attacks suffered, immediately after Gerard Pique reply: “Did you get an anxiety? Seriously, an anxiety?“, while the two are funny at the question.

The journalist from Europe Press He continued to ask some questions about the model’s birthday, and his opinion on Shakiraand after a few seconds the couple kindly said goodbye to the interviewer, while they entered a building holding hands.

The couple has shown that in the face of the controversies and rumors generated they are stable, and they are not afraid of showing themselves in public. Additionally, they put an end to the rumors of anxiety that the model would have suffered, possibly due to the controversies generated around them.