Clara Chiathe girlfriend of Gerard Piqué She also cheated on her previous boyfriend when she began her relationship with the former soccer player, a case similar to that of Gerard with the infidelity he committed towards the singer Shakira.

The controversies generated with the trio of Clara Chía, Gerard Piqué and Shakira apparently do not plan to stop, since the news of the infidelity that Clara also committed when she began her relationship with Gerard is going viral.

It seems that the model of 23 years He ended his previous relationship when he was already beginning to go out with the former defense of the Barcelonajust like when Gerard started dating the model while he was still with Shakira.

jordi martina renowned paparazzi who has followed the couple’s footsteps and who has investigated the entire love story, discovered that the Spaniard was not the one who committed the only infidelity, apparently his current girlfriend also betrayed who would be her boyfriend at that time .

The young man was apparently close to Gerard, “Piqué has a best friend. Clara was the girlfriend of the brother of that friend of Piqué. Since they met, he had a crush on the girl“, according to the reporter.

«Immediately afterwards, not only does he take the girlfriend of his best friend’s brother, but he fires him from Kosmos and hires the girl (Clara Chía). This relationship began not only by cheating on Shakira, but also on Clara’s poor boyfriend.«, assured jordi martin.

For now, the criticism of the couple continues, and even more when for the first time Gerard Piqué publishes his first official photograph with her.