City parks of Ryazan will be treated for ticks

From May 19 to May 26, Ryazan parks will be treated for ticks. This is written by the website of the city administration.

The special agent will be sprayed in six green areas on a total area of ​​136 hectares. These are the TsPKiO, the park named after Yuri Gagarin, the park of Naval Glory, the Soviet-Polish Brotherhood in Arms, Komsomolsky and Lesopark.

Processing will be early in the morning – from 4 o’clock. Entrances to the parks will be blocked with signal tape, and notices will be posted for residents.

“Restrain from walking on processing days and do not walk in parks at home.them animals,” the administration addressed to the people of Ryazan.

Recall last week from tick bites suffered 60 residents of the Ryazan region, 28 of them are children.