The region intended to ensure a significant increase in Russia by turning to the neglect of community energy.

This year we expect the biggest changes in energy in the existence of the Czech Republic. And I have to prepare for the city, I clearly have Beclav Mayor Jakub Matuka (Young and restless).

That is why I am first working on a new energy concept in Beclav. The origin of the list is provided, they are ecological and will help the people. Geothermal energy appears on you.

The heat was extracted from a depth of at least one kilometer through a geothermal well, Matuka explained, noting that the city had started negotiations with E.ON on the possibility of building such a station.

Other Moravia is the most suitable country for using the changed technology. Be aware of this, the Moravian-oil mines in Hodonnsk have also selected them at five locations. Geothermal projects are not directly dependent on oil and gas prices on world markets, and it is thus possible to dilute the risks in the current periods of full change, said Ren Kachya, chairman of the board of MND Drilling and Services.

But this is not the only new way for Beclav. City Hall is creating biogas as an alternative source of fuel similar to natural gas and is preparing a major project to install photovoltaic panels on a city building – for example, a winter stadium, a city and two largest wheels.

The good development of electricity and gas prices in these two new dimensions and unequivocal shows that we are moving in the right direction. In a few months, we will introduce the installation of a panel, new air conditioning with recuperation, LED lighting and a number of other controversial measures, Martin ern, head of the economic department, described the specific steps.


As it turns out, relying on your own energy sources is a convenient entrance. Even according to a brand new study, the expert organization EG Brno, which was commissioned by the Center for Transport and Energy, Hnut Duha and the Frank Bold Group, should focus on the diversion of the Czech Republic and Europe from the import of Russian fossil fuels. .

Its essence is that the current consumer of energy, such as households and municipalities, become producers and sellers themselves and share energy. The flats can be sold up to st. Only from the sun, the villages and their inhabitants could gain over five gigawatts, which is a roughly two or more, not all the existing photovoltaic sources in the Czech Republic.

Unfortunately, the deepening energy crisis is never over and the people will pay an even stronger number of money on their wallets. For many of them, especially homeowners, I am involved in community energy projects with an emphasis on renewables as another compensation for these costs, in Tom Jungwirth, a collaborator with the Center for Transportation and Energy. At present, I own a source of 160 municipalities in the Czech Republic, in total one photovoltaic power plant.

Brno state of photovoltaics for a billion

However, the start-up of community energy is hampered in the Czech Republic due to the lack of legislation. Pesto teba Brno se sna. The city, which owns the town, places solar panels on the roofs. The virtual power plants that are created in this way have a reduction in electricity consumption not only in these buildings, but also outside them. And by 2026, the magistrate wants to install solar panels for less than a billion crowns.

The first of them is located in town houses at 7 and 9 Vojtova Street. You can find Vstonick Home for the Elderly. Six hundred panels can provide such power, so that the summer energy generated by the sun’s rays accounts for about half of the building’s current consumption.

This is the largest project of a municipal photovoltaic power plant to date. With its power and installed area, there is a quarter of four new installation panels in Vojtov Street, noted Filip Leder (KDU-SL), chairman of the board of Sako Brno, who invested.

According to the drink, the base bikes Sirotkov, Merhautov and Jan Babek and the building of the polyclinic in Lesn have. Twenty-five mothers, twenty base wheels and five rows are in line.

Effective peace of mind

Znojmo, like Beclav, embarks on a so-called EPC project – in such a case, the city’s professional companies supply the key, take into account all areas of energy use and contain all the activities necessary to achieve energy disputes. Simplified, the most effective way to dispute.

We have selected about a number of city buildings for which we would like to find a regular variant of the reconstruction of thermal farms, confirmed the mayor of Znojmo Jakub Malaka (two SSDs). The bank wants to obtain a subsidy for the preparation of these works from the National Development Bank through its energy program.

Among the selected buildings in Znojmo are bicycles, but so a home with a care home, two rows, a recently bought sweat building and a sports hall. First sports are the biggest problem. There is the impact of the highest number of energy prices, noted Malaka.

Energy from gastro-waste

The range of energy-saving projects is being developed in Idlochovice in the Brno region and in Starovice in the Beclav region. The local residential areas are to be completely energetically self-contained.

However, the city is trying to find out where, for example. Hodonn has been involved in the Tdm project from the energy financial group since the May arrest.

As a result, it does not store bio-waste, but it can be processed into green energy, which I am immediately entering into the center, even for the production of fertilizers, said Pavel Foltn, the waste management officer at Hodonn City Hall.

In addition to energy production, politicians have also resolved the legislative obligation, which since January of this year has imposed on cities and municipalities to separate gastro-waste from municipal waste.