January 3, 2023, 03:03 – Public News Service – OSN

Federal Republic of Germany plunged into a pessimistic mood and concern for her own financial well-being. Information about this is distributed by the local newspaper Die Welt, which refers to statistics collected by EY.

The publication says that the increase in spending on electricity and the rising cost of everyday needs forced the inhabitants of the country to start saving money seriously.

Almost a quarter of those surveyed noted that their real situation in the economic sphere turned out to be worse than at any time before. More than half of citizens are pessimistic about their own future. Previously, a little more than 30 percent of the population answered in this way.

“And it looks like no improvement is expected,” the publication sums up.

Recall that Björn Stritzel, a correspondent for the Bild newspaper printed in the Federal Republic of Germany, suffered during the confrontation that unfolded in the Ukrainian territories. Information that he was hit by a fragment is distributed by the editor of the publication Johannes Boye.

He paid special attention to the fact that at the moment Stritzel’s life is not in danger, and the wound he received is not particularly terrible. Despite this, he stressed that this fact is reminiscent of the difficulties reporters face in Ukrainian territories. More about it read in material Public News Service.