Smolny is considering three options for special parking permits for residents of the Admiralteisky district, writes “Fontanka”. On November 1, paid parking was introduced here, and local citizens were given permission to leave the car in their municipal district for 1,800 rubles a year, reported edition.

Petersburgers recalled that residents of the Central District, where citizens can also leave the car only for money, use similar permits throughout its territory, and not just in their municipal district, transmits “Fontanka”.

As media journalists write without citing a source, there are now three possible options for how paid parking will work for residents of the Admiralteisky district:

– everything will remain as it is: supporters of this proposal say that permits are needed so that a person can park for free at home, and trips around the area will only increase traffic, which is what the reform is aimed at;

– the effect of permits will spread to the entire area: adherents of this idea believe that such innovations will soften the public outcry;

— Residents of the Admiralteisky District will be able to choose one more of its districts in which permits will work: this will give them the opportunity to move around the nearest districts without worrying about paying for parking.

According to the publication, the choice will be made in Smolny in the coming days.

What you need to know. From November 1 in the Admiralteisky district introduced paid parking. Now those wishing to leave their car here must pay 39 or 100 rubles per hour, depending on the category of transport, or buy an expensive monthly or annual subscription.

But for those who live in this area, the authorities have introduced special permits – they allow you to pay 1,800 rubles a year for parking, but only in the municipal district in which the motorist owns property or is registered. To leave the car in any other district of the area, you need to pay at the standard rate. How paid parking works told “Fontanka”.

Cover photo: Wikimedia

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