Poor boy from Brooklyn streets and world boxing king. Mike Tyson
| photo: Charlie Gray

Among them are the breeding victims leading to the incident, the interaction between Mr. Tyson and the victim and so enough Mr. Tyson and the victim not to file a charge, said ad.

The incident, from which there is a video, took place in the first week on a plane from San Francisco to Florida. The video shows Tyson getting into his head a few times, sitting in the seat behind him.

According to Tyson’s deputies, the pasar surrounded him. One of the passengers stated that the boxer who had been beaten for five years had gotten into the plane drunk and drunken.

Tyson, just after the end of the boxing career, was living, among other things, acting and filming a podcast, an up-to-date marijuana event. The 420 cannabis festival was held at the Kadoron event in San Francisco, promoting his Tyson 2.0 marijuana emblem.

During his boxing career, Tyson won 50, of which 44 In 1987, he became the youngest world champion in history at the age of 20, and in the 1990s he spent three years in prison.