Deputy Director of Operations of the US Central Intelligence Agency David Marlow publicly announced the recruitment of Russians who are dissatisfied with the war against Ukraine. He said this last week in front of the faculty and staff of George Mason University, reports The Wall Street Journal.

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Marlow said full-scale invasion of Ukraine was a huge failure for the Russian dictator Vladimir Putinit opens up opportunities for Western intelligence agencies due to the emergence of a large number of disgruntled Russians.

“Putin was at his best moment the day before the invasion, when he still had the opportunity to coerce Ukraine, influence NATO and demonstrate that Russia is a strong power. He lost it all,” the CIA spokesman said.

“We are looking all over the world for Russians who are just as disgusted as we are. Because we are open to cooperation,” he added.

The event at the university’s Hayden Center, which specializes in intelligence and national security policy, was also attended by CIA Deputy Director for Analysis Linda Weisgold, whose unit is responsible for preparing intelligence reports for the US president. Joe Biden and other high-ranking officials.

Weisgold believes that the war in Ukraine is far from over. Despite repeated setbacks, she said, Putin has not given up on his original goals.

“It won’t end anytime soon,” Weisgold said. According to her, the key factor is understanding by each side what they are fighting for. “Ukrainian soldiers know this. Russian soldiers are not very good,” she said.

  • On November 15, CIA Director William Burns visited Kyiv and met with the President Vladimir Zelensky.
  • On November 16, the director general of British intelligence MI5, Ken McCallum, said that Russia’s ability to spy in Europe dealt “the most significant strategic blow” in recent history. This year, he said, 600 Russian officials have been expelled from Europe, 400 of whom have been identified by MI5 as spies.

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