The comparison to the magnificent Dubrovnik begins with a strong height, but the common features of what tourists choose to take a tour of its walls will appear. Just a look at the June Stech Runch Town here replaces Divoina Prody.

Eovsk were among the sights of extraordinary importance. First of all, it is an exceptionally preserved system, as it hardly finds competition with us.

At the same time, the world is captivating with its size. In the city it reaches a tinct meter, in the republic it is in the lead position. The total length reaches about three kilometers, the main rampart describes the circle and accompanies it and a six meter deep ditch. The amount of land used to build a fortified response capacity of 15,000 freight cars.

eovsk valy is still accompanied by a number of questions. For example, they arose when they were built and to whom they served. He paid attention to them in František Palack and was the only one to pay him in his Djinch nroda eskho. At that time, he was once again considered a remnant of the Avar camp. Subsequently, hypotheses emerged about the Celtic oppidum. Archaeological finds have really confirmed the human presence here in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age.

He set the stage for the development of the early Middle Ages, when the Slavic communication was spread inside the wall. The strategic position on the dominant plateau brought the warriors here. And they pitched among the clay. eovsk valy allowed them to observe the land from the Elbe to the Crown. In addition, there is a source of water, which is necessary for the strike of a military corps. Over the course of thirty years, the wolves smashed the widows here, who strengthened the ramparts, poured them and adapted them to the position of the artillery, thus transforming them into classic ants.

Southwest fort fortified when viewed from a nearby forest road. Photograph the size of the wall is slightly suppressed, the effect is much more powerful.

Now the first walls have been added to the first building. For the last time, the old fort was used during the Prussian-Austrian conflict in 1866. Surprisingly, this time was not used by soldiers, but scared civilians came here to their safety.

Okrun tra

The route of the Lutos emblem laughed here for two, but it was canceled. Zal znen se bag natst stle appears in ternu. At present, visitors to Eovsk valm can have a good stay on the Vysok Veselské trail. As we approached the forest along the dirt trail, a high wall flashed among the trees. Za nm ns ekal ok. At once, fragments of monumental bridges with high fortifications and deep ditches emerged from the forest. A memorial to Tom Svoboda, a gentleman’s hunter and a secret Protestant from the Eve, who was executed in nearby Kopidln in 1729, was refused because he refused to convert to the Catholic faith.

Monumentln severn brna

We climb the steep path to the crown of the rampart and then follow the paved path and continue into the unknown. Deep down, there is a ditch and behind it, the previous outer line is fortified. On the other hand, the plain of the inner wall is on the rise again.

The defensive elements are perfectly visible and we have them here like on a gold tray. After hundreds of meters on foot, the form with a changing walk along the walls in Dubrovnik occurred to me.

We proceed slowly, with each minute they reveal a remarkable corner. A dark lake and mud trees with fallen tree trunks signal the presence of groundwater. Most of all, however, I am fascinated by the admirable preservation of the ramparts and the connection of the impressive human work with the sale and silence of a city lost beyond the reach of today’s civilization.

The most impressive cut is the southwestern fortification.

We have a fortified name called Porce rynek, then a modest jin brnu. Behind the southeast ramp we then try to get to the mound. In front of the edge of the forest we discover a conspicuous artificially designed plateau. He gave the ground where the mounds should be hidden, unfortunately the thick hut was covered. Let’s go back and close the circle at the main gate. We wandered together in the dark for hours. We met people who were looking for a place that went on a walk with the dogs.

Variety of spring palette

The ideal time to return to the Eov rivers is spring and winter, when the deciduous forest was very bright. It definitely has to be nice during the colorful autumn. In summer, to pay the hall wall and traveling along the ramparts can make a little more uncomfortable with metals.

April raises the smoke

We met here in a kind of April, and we caught the spectacular arrival of spring: the inner area of ​​the roof was covered with carpets of flowering anemones. On the contrary, the body hila a colorful palette of dutch smokestacks. In some secs, the smoke billows even covered the cell from the heel to the crowns.

It suits me

The Czech Wall is one of the most important cultural monuments, no matter how criminal it is. Findings from here are housed in another museum.

Before the expedition, I recommend studying the pedestal weather, on a windy day there is a dry soil and a tree.

Eovsk valy is accessible by public transport from the eov or Kozojedy-cihelna bus stops. On weekends, the bag will have a low frequency.