Chuchkovsky district plans to sow 2,000 hectares more grain crops than in 2021

The sowing campaign is in full swing in the Chuchkovsky district. However, now because of the rains, the farmers have slowed down the pace of work a little.

In general, it is planned to sow 16,321 hectares of spring crops in the region. This is 2000 hectares more than last year. According to the district agricultural department, the area under crops was expanded mainly due to the unused lands put into circulation. Crops grow gradually after clearing areas overgrown with shrubs and small forests.

Also in the plans of sowing 7754 hectares to occupy grain; 1607 ha – corn for grain; 951 hectares – corn for silage and 5704 hectares – oilseeds; 10 ha – perennial grasses and 295 ha – uncovered.

As of May 10, 5,143 hectares of spring cereals have been sown; fertilized 6224 hectares of land. Perennial grasses were harrowed on 330 hectares, fallows were cultivated on 8384 hectares and winter crops on an area of ​​1590 hectares.

According to the head of the regional department of agriculture, farmers have created the necessary stock of seeds, fertilizers, significantly updated the fleet of agricultural machinery.

Mikhail Makarov:

“A new industrial crop, flax, will now be grown on the Chuchkov fields in 000 Oka Moloko. Let’s see how she performs. If we manage to grow a good harvest, our other farms will also borrow the successful experience of flax cultivation.”