An unfortunate news hits the world of cinema this November 17, 2022, all this after the terrible revelation of the Australian actor Chris hemsworth through an exclusive interview given a few hours ago. In this, the man of only 39 years shocked all the journalists present.

The middle Hemsworth brother, and without a doubt the most famous, recounted that during the filming of his exclusive series for Disney Plus and National Geographic, “LIMITLESS“He confessed that after undergoing a series of rigorous studies, he discovered that he has a very high chance of suffering from Alzheimer’s in the near future.

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According to DNA studies, it was revealed that he has two copies of the APOE4 gene which gives him 8 to 10 times more likely to face such a disease compared to a human with stable DNA. Of course the news made the eternal feel Thor defeated and in tears said:

«The idea that I will not be able to remember the life that I have experienced with my wife and children is probably my biggest fear (…) I try to live each experience to the limit as long as I am healthy«. The actor’s new series is now available on the digital platform and there you can see many more confessions about his life, where he is more vulnerable than ever.