According to an ancient Chinese legend, more than a hundred pyramids built in this country testify to visits to our planet by aliens from other worlds.

Unexpected discovery of the Australians

At the very beginning of the century, two Australian traders found themselves on the vast Sichuan plains in central China. Here they discovered more than a hundred pyramids. The Australians decided to check with the abbot of the local monastery, who told them that these pyramids were “very old”. Records about them were allegedly made more than 5000 years ago, so the age of the pyramids themselves can only be guessed at.

The merchants were told that the pyramids date back to an era when China was ruled by ancient emperors convinced of the existence of alien civilizations. Moreover, the emperors claimed to be the descendants of “the sons of heaven, who descended to Earth with a roar on iron dragons.” Aliens from outer space allegedly were the builders of the pyramids.

Further exploration of the Chinese pyramids

In March 1994, Austrian Hartwig Hausdorff toured the areas closed to foreigners adjacent to the city of Xi’an, the capital of Shaanxi Province, located in central China. During this trip, he discovered six legendary pyramids. Then, in October 1994, he returned to China again, taking a video camera with him. Hausdorff managed to shoot an 18-minute film. When he returned home, the first thing he did was to watch the video footage, but what was his surprise when, after zooming in, he found other pyramids in the background of the footage! In total, over a hundred pyramids turned out to be on an area of ​​​​2000 square kilometers!

Some of these pyramids are now in a rather bad state, as they were looted by the locals. They were mostly built not from stone, but from clay and earth, which some peasants took and used in their fields and farms.

With great difficulty, Hausdorff managed to obtain permission to continue researching these amazing pyramids. However, the Chinese government banned the excavations.

Chinese pyramids: what are they

What are these ancient structures? The height of all the pyramids located on the plains of Sichuan ranges from 25 to 100 meters. The only exception is one, which is located to the north of the others, in the valley of the Jia Lin River. This is the so-called Great White Pyramid. It is huge, the height of this structure is approximately 300 meters! It can be called the Mother of all Chinese pyramids.

Not so long ago, the Chinese government declared the area adjacent to the Great White Pyramid a closed area, since a launch pad was built there to launch rockets that put satellites into orbit.

In appearance, the Chinese pyramids are very reminiscent of the pyramids of Central America. The resemblance is simply amazing. Maybe the American pyramids were built by the “sons of heaven”?