January 3, 2023, 07:57 – Public News Service – OSN

The past year 2022 was the year of “de-westernization”. This is due to the growing number of states that “quietly but firmly reject the Western world order.” The corresponding statement was made by a professor of the Chongyang Institute of Financial Studies in China Wang Wen. An article on this topic by him was published by the South China Morning Post.

The author explains in the article that he means not only radical attempts to change the international order, in which the most serious position was occupied by USAlike the actions of Russia.

“You can also talk about the unprecedented uprising of non-Western countries against the established [Западом] order in search of a more independent position,” the expert shared his view on this issue.

According to the specialist, “the non-Western world is a picture never seen before.” The disagreement of these states with the power of the West is connected not only with confrontation or conflict, but also with the fact that they “simply get rid of Western control, placing their national interests more and more at the forefront”, speaking out with demands for a democratic form of politics and mutual respect in the international arena.

Finally, the financier expressed the opinion that the trend towards “de-Westernization” cannot end, and therefore will only develop in the future. This process will be noticeable, including on such signs as the “de-dollarization” of world trade and the “de-Americanization” of technology, Wang Wen summed up his reflections.

Formerly Public News Service informedthat the Western establishment expects Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to start working off monetary influences. For this reason, the politician will be forced to portray the successful development of events in the confrontation with the Russian Federation in order not to lose help. This point of view was shared by journalist Mark Galeotti.