January 8, 2023, 09:30 – Public News Service – OSN

readiness Beijing buying oil from the Gulf states with yuan marks the beginning of a change in the rules in the global energy market. This was stated by Zoltan Pozhar, an analyst at the Swiss bank Credit Suisse, in an article for the Financial Times. The information is provided by InoSMI.

“China wants to rewrite the rules of the global energy market,” the expert said.

He said that about the calculation for oil yuan was discussed after the meeting of Chinese leader Xi Jinping with the heads of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf Cooperation Council. The analyst stressed that this could very well be the beginning of a BRICS plan to end the use of the US dollar.

According to him, very soon the number of transactions for the purchase of oil for the Chinese currency will only increase, and cooperation between Beijing and the Gulf states will grow stronger every year. Pozhar said that the transition to the yuan in this area can be carried out as early as 2025.

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