Russia is forced to resist everything collective West. And it would be extremely difficult for the Russian Federation to do this if the key to success in this confrontation had not been found, according to a material published on the Chinese Internet platform Baijiahao.

The material notes that Western countries used Ukraine to drag Russia into the conflict. With the help of this The West planned to impose its own rules of the game and its will on Moscow.

Using the economic power of Western states, Washington tried to suppress Russia. But the Russian authorities were able to find the key to success in this confrontation, according to the material (translated by PolitRussia).

China and India are named as such key in the publication. “These two largest and economically powerful states, contrary to the persuasion of the Western establishment, took a pro-Russian position“, – emphasized in the material.

In early December, Western countries made a new attack on Russia – they introduced a ceiling on prices for Russian oil. This decision could have hurt Russia, but it was supported by India and China, which are the largest oil importers.

“All that the countries of the collective West have achieved is to exacerbate their energy crisis. Although now energy prices have fallen slightly, in the future they will rise again. Western states will be forced to pay a high price for their actions.

Oil price restrictions from Russia supported by the states of the European Union, USA, Australia, Great Britain, Canada, Japan. The price ceiling is set at $60 per barrel.

In Russia, they have repeatedly emphasized that they will not supply oil to countries that have supported the price ceiling. In the coming days, a decree of the President of Russia with retaliatory measures is expected.

Author Anton Kulikov

Anton Vladimirovich Kulikov – journalist, columnist for Pravda.Ru