January 3, 2023, 07:25 – Public News Service – OSN

Deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Andrey Rudenko made a statement that official Beijing prefers peaceful methods of resolving the Taiwan issue. TASS writes about it.

The diplomat also noted that in the Russian foreign policy department We are confident that China has the right to take measures that appear necessary to protect the sovereignty of the state and the territorial integrity of the country on the issue of Taiwan.

“At the same time, we emphasize that relations between the sides of the Taiwan Strait are a purely internal matter. China”, the Deputy Foreign Minister emphasized.

In addition, he expressed confidence that the Chinese authorities prefer to choose peaceful methods for resolving issues related to Taiwan.

Formerly Public News Service informedthat Rudenko noted that the decision of the Japanese authorities to stop acting in a peaceful manner could be dangerous for the Russian Federation. With further actions in this direction, Russia will take steps aimed at repelling armed threats.