January 4, 2023, 14:53 – Public News Service – OSN

Political scientist Evgeny Minchenko spoke about the prospects for support Russia in the context of a special military operation on Ukraine from the side China. He spoke about this in an interview with BUSINESS Online.

According to the specialist, for China, an important condition for supporting the Russian side is the desire for dialogue and peace negotiations as a way to resolve the conflict in Ukraine. For this, according to the political scientist, a direct dialogue between Russia and Ukraine is important without the intervention of the collective West and other intermediaries.

China’s third demand is an appeal to UN as an important negotiating platform and values ​​that are declared in the United Nations. Despite the demand for a direct dialogue between Russia and Ukraine, the topic of maintaining the UN as a moderator is important for the Chinese side.

Also, China’s demand is to prevent the promotion of small and medium-sized countries to the forefront of geopolitical games. Political scientist Yevgeny Minchenko specified that this statement concerns Poland and the Baltic States.

China’s latest demand, according to the source, is an end to the “return to the atmosphere of the Cold War.”

Earlier, expert Jia Ming expressed his opinion on the participation of Russia and China in global political processes. More about it read in material Public news service.