The new president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, He has stood out on social networks in recent days after confirming that he is a big fan of the American singer Taylor Swift.

The British medium The Independent and the american Los Angeles Times They published notes highlighting photographs and videos of Boric with fans of the singer and also publications from the native of Magallanes himself.

“The enthusiasm for the victory of the 35-year-old leftist politician goes beyond his political beliefs, as it turns out that he himself is a Swiftie ”, wrote The Independent, along with adding that “something that characterizes the Swifties, is that they are dedicated.”

For its part, the Los Angeles Times said that Boric is not only “the youngest president-elect in the history of Chile”, but also is “among an unexpected demographic: the fans of Taylor Swift.”

During a recent public appearance, a group of Chilean Swifties flocked to Boric and asked, “Are you Swiftie or not?” Boric silently reached into his coat pocket and revealed a wallet-sized photo of Swift.

After the news of his victory in the presidential election broke last Monday, December 20, the Internet went crazy with evidence that revealed that Boric was a Swiftie.

A first evidence of the fanaticism of the president is where Boric is shown with the iconic cardigan from Taylor Swift’s official store created for the album “Folklore”.

The cozy knitwear was exclusively shipped to celebrities including “Stranger Things” actress Millie Bobby Brown and singer Jennifer Hudson, before being made available to the public.

It also highlights that in the virtual world “Boric was widely promoted by fans as the ‘Swiftie Candidate'” and that a user on Twitter reflected that “the Swifties take over the world, one country at a time.”