Since April, housing began to become cheaper, and stagnation was observed in the primary market. Now both developers and realtors agree on one thing – housing will rise in price again.

Home sales professionals are “optimistic about the future,” as the Level Group put it. The situation has stabilized as much as possible, there is a trend towards a decrease in the key rate, and the cost of preferential mortgages is decreasing. All this suggests the idea that by the end of the year housing will grow quite strongly in price.

Growth like consider experts interviewed by Izvestia can reach 10%. Already by autumn, prices may rise by 3-5%, according to the Level Group, and according to the forecasts of Igor Sibrenkov, Commercial Director of Osnova Group, the growth by the end of the year will be 10-12%.

The main activity in the market is expected just by the end of the year. Point Estate sales director Roman Amelin adds that in the fall, many will also return from vacations and start buying real estate (admit it, you often return from vacation with the idea of ​​buying an apartment).

“According to the results of July, housing sales increased by 13% compared to the previous month and by 20% compared to April,” says Sergei Nyukhalov, Deputy Director for Sales at Granel Group. This means that as demand increases, so will prices.