“Our flight from San Francisco was almost two hours late due to the problems in London. They let us off the plane later because they had a problem with the staff. We’ve been in the check-in hall for three and a half hours, “Chelsea Alison described her weekend woes for The Independent.

She arrived in Great Britain with her husband and ten-month-old descendant. However, their suitcases “got stuck” somewhere. Virgin Atlantic airline reportedly told her she could request home delivery. At the same time, however, she warned the family that it could take up to a week.

Mexican Maritza Trigo Garcia landed in Heathrow on Saturday at eight o’clock there. She was still waiting for her suitcase at three in the afternoon on Sunday. She suffers from brain cancer and did not have her medication with her. “I need my medicine, I tried to buy it here, but they didn’t recognize my prescriptions from Mexico,” the 23-year-old woman said for The Times.

Iberia Airlines answered her questions that this was an airport error. The airport, on the other hand, dismissed it, saying the airline was wrong. However, Suzanne McGeachan, who flew from Britain to Istanbul, Turkey, did not get to her suitcase either. It wasn’t until she found out that the suitcases remained on Heathrow. According to his passengers, Richard Briant waited for more than four hours after returning from Prague before his luggage was released to him in his homeland.

Cancel flights, asks the airport

The chaos of recent weeks culminated on Friday, when hundreds of suitcases piled up inside and in front of the terminal building. Some passengers left unknowingly without their belongings, others spent hours picking up luggage and others had to wait in line at check-in.

People also complain about the incompetence of London Airport on social networks, where they post photos and videos with piles of suitcases. On Sunday evening, Heathrow employees allegedly loaded the suitcases into cars, saying they would take them around Europe and deliver them to frustrated travelers, but the problems did not end there, the letter wrote. The Independent.

On Sunday evening, the airport approached several airlines departing from terminals 2 and 3 with a request to cancel at least some of their Monday flights. Heathrow apologized to all affected travelers for the unusual request, saying the decision would minimize the impact of trunk handling problems.

Luggage problems at Heathrow:

The request was to affect about ninety flights from Emirates, Lufthansa, Air France, ITA, KLM, Eurowings and Aegean, commuting between London and Paris, Dubai, Cologne or Copenhagen, and a total of up to 15,000 people.

“We are in touch with the customers involved. We apologized to them, offered advice on their client rights and offered them alternative options, including refunds or bookings, ”said a spokesman for British Airways.

London’s Heathrow, like other airports across the UK, is facing staff shortages and has had to cancel hundreds of flights over the past few weeks. Former British Airways Director Willie Walsh says the airport is “no longer able to provide basic services”.

However, he does not just criticize Londoners. It’s just as hard at Amsterdam’s Schiphol and Dublin Airport in Ireland. In the period before the summer onslaught of tourists, other countries are also facing problems, which surprised the people’s interest in traveling. Brussels Airport then on Monday canceled all flights. However, there is a reason for the strike by local workers, who are protesting against the increase in the cost of living.

London Airport is filled with unchecked suitcases: