After the final whistle, he and the Pilsen partners waited nervously for the news from Ostrava. As soon as the Victorians found out that Slavia was just drawing with Baník, madness broke out.

“We are slowly realizing what we have achieved. It’s great, I personally rank this title the most. I’m looking forward to the celebrations, “said the happy stopper Hejda at the post-match press conference.

Do you value the title all the more because you were not one of the paper favorites before the start of the league?
Exactly. Nobody believed us and we were boxed in from the beginning to be happy for the cups. Only Slavia and Sparta were counted. And now we are here. We are the first, we are going to celebrate.

Would you have thought before you could cheer in advance?
I expected it to be a chase until the last round. Of course, Slavia recorded a loss with Hradec for us, we took full advantage of that. We are happy that it turned out well for us.

You are now the sixth champion. As a captain, how would you describe your championship team?
A bunch of fighters who just never gave up. I don’t even remember how many matches we turned over when we played badly and our shoes flowed. We’ve always been able to dig it. I would say that this title describes us as a bunch of warriors, which I really appreciate.

What do you say about the contribution of coach Michal Bílek? He is often criticized for his defensive style, but he has the results …
A great coach who can make a perfect cabin atmosphere. In addition, he manages to read his opponents and prepare tactics to measure. His media image doesn’t suit me now that I’ve had the opportunity to meet him in person. For me, he’s a terrible dude and a great guy.

Did the point won by Eden decide in your favor?
It probably recorded the most for us there, the draw. Little did I know that it could happen. It was probably the most important match.

A large crowd of fans came to Mladá Boleslav to support you, for example David Limberský almost destroyed his vocal cords …
It was fine. I expected the fans to be able to play on the field. Maybe the celebrations will be even better, wilder on Sunday.