On May 23, cha eun woo of STAR had the joy of being chosen as the new PR Ambassador of the Visiting Year of South Korea for the period 2023-2024, many of his fans were excited by this news, because it is the first time that Cha Eun Woo has his first public appearance since the sad passing of moonbin. lee jae hwanvice president of the Korea Tourism Organization, awarded the position to the K-Pop star at a ceremony held at the Hinker Ground from Jung-gu in Seoul.

The idol of K-Pop will be the new one in charge of improving the image and the favorability global level of Korean culture, to promote the tourism in the Asian country around the world, the fandom of ASTRO has pointed out Cha Eun Woo as the ideal person to carry out this work, due to his great charisma and popularity. They also recalled that this is the idol’s first public appearance, after the unfortunate death of her friend and partner Moonbin.

Now the Korean foreign relations team is developing new strategies and various contents that will highlight Korean culture and tourism, such as the kpop and sports, the idol has been selected to increase and publicize the promotion of Korean tourist destinations.

In this very special moment, more than one remembered to the late ASTRO member Moonbin and chose to encourage the artist to keep smiling always, even assuring that Moonbin would be very happy and equally proud of this great achievement. Cha Eun had not previously appeared on camera after the death of her friend, so many fans confirmed that this role will help him raise his cheers.