In Nizhny Tagil, places for burials are running out. In the near future, the Central Cemetery on Rogozhino will be expanded, but this will only last for a few years.

“The topic of the lack of places in the cemeteries of the city is quite relevant. 90% of all burial sites have already been used. There is a project for the construction of the cemetery “Central-1″, the first stage in the form of a road and a columbar wall has already been built. This year, we received funding for the second stage,” said Andrey Lebedev, head of the municipal administration, on the air of Tagil-TV.

He added that a 10-hectare site will be cleared of the forest and temporary roads will be built inside the territory. For this, 27 million were allocated from the local budget. The new site will make it possible to make 11,000 burials. This will only last for a few years, says Andrey Lebedev.

“It is not so easy to find a new territory due to sanitary and epidemiological requirements. So far, the Department of Architecture has not been able to find another plot of land for us. But we are working in this direction, there are proposals, they are being considered, but it’s too early to talk about it,” he added.

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