Zvist Lookout Tower by architect Martin Rajnie at Dolnch Bean
| photo: Petr Topi, MAFRA

This means that there is a consensus that memory deserves to be presented to people in a dignified way. And he is the one to find you, Mayor of Dolnch Bean Vslav Michalik (STAN).

The current change in the location of the locality does not increase to more than ten thousand people who joined the petition SOS oppidum Zvist – do not concrete the Celtic monument.

It could be done much more gently, as elsewhere in Europe, with an honor to history and sales, so that the hill has the shape of a meadow in the middle of the forest and landscaped park, and not to consolidate the paved areas, the petitioners believe.

For example, the Archaeological State of the Academy of Sciences of the Academy of Sciences of the present Modern architecture reminiscent of two cultures was not uncommon in the world, pointed out a similarly designed monument by the state director Jan Mak.

The management of Dolnch Bean, together with the governor’s office and the representatives of the scientists, organized several meetings, where they tried to present the project on the spot and to twist the distorted ideas about the concreteist Zvisti.

Despite the petition, I do not want to neglect the public, which would oblige the region to discuss, said the regional council for culture and memorial district Vclav venda (TOP 09).

Decided first after the election

Now they are opt for ad vdci. The archaeological status of mid-May convened a professional discussion. Consequently, there should be an agreement on any changes to the design with its author and the authorities. But you have to take into account that the decision will not fall on the autumn municipal elections.

The point is to find the most suitable way to present the memory. But I think that whatever decision is made and at the new Dolnch Bean council, Michalik points out.

The new lookout tower has been coming to the town where the Celts once stayed since last December. And even that botheres some people. According to the author of the petition, the customs of the site disrupts the site.

Celtic town Zvist

It was about the most populous and thus the largest Celtic land in the Czech Republic. It was found on the hill Hradit, later the dog Beansk went down to the top of the hill. The total area was roughly 157 hectares, the acropolis itself took up less than a hectare. Archaeologists have been working on Zvisti since 1963, and after the research ended in 1990, they preserved the site. At present, they are fully prepared for attractive locations. In the meantime, a lookout tower was created, the rights of other historical monuments to follow. It should be completed by 2030.