It is no secret to anyone that Jenny of BLACKPINK Y taehyung of bts they have been in the spotlight due to dating rumors they have been on since last year.

The rumors were so strong that several photos of the two in the supposed dates were even leaked, so much was the commotion of the news that YG Entertainment I have to issue an official statement.

Now the member of bts is once again involved in rumors of a romance, but this time with another member of the girl group, and it is none other than Lisa, a beautiful Thai woman who has conquered the world with her invaluable talents and the proof is thanks to K-Media reporting.

As we all know, the two idols were together in Paris last year to meet at a brand event. CELINE, brand of which both are ambassadors. Without a doubt, that moment became one of the most commented of the year on social networks, since the popularity of the two artists has a global reach.

On this occasion, a fan was in charge of making a publication where she talked about the fictitious relationship of Taehyung and Lisa.

The fans of the two artists were excited, while those who weren’t were simply ignored, but that changed when the artistic director of CELINE shared the post.

The worker’s actions caused a stir on social networks, and since she has worked with both, you should know what the type of relationship between the two is like, although of course, this is not enough to confirm a love relationship between the two, but this does not prevent Internet users from creating dating rumors on social networks.

Would you like to see a relationship between the idols?