t’s hard for the words to come out of my mouth, but Snoop Dog was so ahead of his time and had such incredible insight into branding, he makes Madison Ave look incredibly stupid. Now all sorts of celebs are marketing cannabis products from Jay- Z to Gronk.

Sabrina Barr from The Independent wrote a great piece about this subject writing,

“Jay-Z has partnered with a cannabis company to become the organization’s chief brand strategist in a multi-year deal. The announcement was made in a statement published on the website of Caliva, a cannabis company that was founded in 2015 and whose headquarters are based in San Jose, California”.

Caliva products are currently sold exclusively in California. The company’s product includes a strain of cannabis called “Alien OG”, vape pens, pre-rolled cannabis joints, and beverages. The Caliva statement outlines that Jay-Z will “enter into a multi-year partnership with Caliva as chief brand strategist”, playing “a crucial role driving creative direction, outreach efforts and strategy for the brand”. Jay-Z says that he and Caliva “want to create something amazing, have fun in the process, do good and bring people along the way”.

“Anything I do, I want to do correctly and at the highest level,” the 49-year-old says. “With all the potential in the cannabis industry, Caliva’s expertise and ethos make them the best partner for this endeavor.

“Earlier this year, Jay-Z collaborated with fellow rapper Meek Mill to launch a prison reform organization called Reform Alliance. The rappers, in addition to other funding partners, pledged $50m towards launching the organization.

“We stand behind our brand promise of providing consumers with consistency, transparency, and accessibility,” Caliva states on its website. “We were built on a foundation of trust and we seek to be known as the most trusted name in cannabis.

“The mainstream message here is the brand influencers monetizing these opportunities that have a social conscience and an opportunity to grow and do good things, this is all good, and Snoop you were wayyyyyy ahead of your time.